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basic information
birthdayJan 01
last loginSep 20, 2012 17:40:17
date registeredAug 31, 2008 14:22:48
about Manaka_Takane
Account Name: Manaka_Takane

Roleplay Character: Manaka Takane

Gender: Female

Age: 17 years old

From: Love Plus

System: Nintendo DS

School Year: Sophomore

Blood Type: A

Birthday: October 5th

Sign: Libra

Interests: Dessert Making, Playing Piano

Voiced By: Saori Hayami

Nicknames: "The Righteous Heroine"

Family: My father is a doctor who processes advanced levels in both judo and kendo.

Personal Struggles: I lack experience which is common to my peers, such as ordering & eating a hamburger combo or going out with my friends after the tennis club(Did I mention I absolutely ADORE tennis?), and watching TV. My classmates also tend to shy away from my perfection so many also call me "Takane no hana" which means "the flower on the mountain peak", which is a pun on my name.

Personality: Genuinely respectful & polite

Childhood: I lived a very sheltered life with very proper upbringing. I excel in school works & tennis.

Well, I need to go now since I'm going on a date shortly with my constantly-loving boyfriend who continues to outshine other guys
with his consistant kindness so gotta run! *meets my boyfriend & gives him a kiss then blushes*

Online Family--

Owner: Pharaoh_Yami

Mother: ChelseyIsDollLike

Father: Master_Detective_L,

Sisters: Kayla_Kakashi,MariksDreamGirl,

Bro's: Chris_LeLouch_Risa,
Suichi_Shindou, Christian_Gupta,

Aunties(Aunts): Pheonix_Fire_Reimi,

Unkies(Uncles): Prince_Keiichi,


Sons: Haru_Glory,Gothic_Naruto_Uzunaki,

Daughters: Yosh


Nieces: shy_little_angel_kitten,




My own personal phrases I mostly made up on my own! ENJOY!

"Life's a bitch and so am I."

"All pirates are gay since they're
after me booty!"

"Life is like a bowl full of cherries.
Sometimes its sweet and other times
its the pits."

"Life is just like the mail. Sometimes
you just don't get it."

"Excuses are like bellybuttons.
Everybody has one but theres no use
for them."

"Excuses are like your butt hole.
They're nothing but full of shit!"

"The difference between a heart and a
kidney is one says 'I love you' and
the other says 'I gotta go!'"

"Life's not fair. If it was then
everything and everyone in life would
be as good as me!"

"If there is a 'doggie heaven' then
what do you suppose rain is made of?
I don't know about you but it sure
ain't 'yeller!'(yellow)"

"If a plushie collector gets a
male plushie and a female plushie then
will they make baby plushies?" LOL!

You know that country music song called
"Sometimes You're The Windshield,
Sometimes You're The Bug?" My version
of it is "Sometimes You're The Pigeon,
Sometimes You're The Statue." LOL!

My Favorites:

Yugi Muto or Ryou?: RYOU(Bakura)!!!

Yugi or Kaiba?: I prefer Bakura...

Yami Yugi or Yami Bakura?: Yami Bakura!

Disney or Warner Bros.? Anime FTW!

YuGiOh or YuGiOh GX?: Both are okay.

McDonalds' or BurgerKing?: Taco Bell!

Fish or Chicken?: Fish.

Cat or Dog? I own a dog named Jade.

Coke or Pepsi?: Propel! lol.

Cartoons or Anime?: I HAVE TO CHOOSE?!!

Fruit or Veggies?: Fruit!

Sugar or Salt?: I'm a diabetic...

Sick or Hurt?: I'M NOT SUICIDAL!

White or Wheat?: I don't like bread.

Burger or Hot Dog?: Hot Dogs are gross!

Beef or Venison?: BOTH!

HarvestMoon/RuneFactory?: RuneFactory!

Christian or Non-Christian?: CHRISTIAN!

Birthday or Christmas?: CHRISTMAS!

Bacon or Sausage?: Bacon.

Gay, Straight or Lesbian?: STRAIGHT!

Barney or SesameStreet? SesameStreet!

CaptainKangaroo/Mr.Rogers?: Mr.Rogers!

Internet or Video Games?: BOTH!

Eat or Sleep?: Sleep For The Win!

O.J./AppleJuice?: O.J. can kill you! xD

Fishing or Deer Hunting?: Fishing!

Baseball or Football?: Football! ^___^

Pancakes or Waffles?: BOTH!

Muffins or Donuts?: Have you seen the
"Muffin Man?"
Just kidding...LOL!

Art or Music?: MUSIC IS ART, DUH!

Dating Sims/Reality?: That's my secret!

History/CarmenSandiego?: CARMEN ROCKS!
*blush*YuGiOh! Goes StarWars! lol.
born to flySweet Dreams!
married to
  1. Yami_Bakura's_Coffee_Buzz ( good,the bad,and the ugly, The )
  2. Ryou Bakura ( Yu Gi Oh )
  3. Yami Bakura ( Yu Gi Oh )
  4. Akefia ( Yu Gi Oh )
  5. Bakura Ryou ( Yu-Gi-Oh )
  6. Bakura *yay* ( Yu-Gi-Oh )
  7. Bakura: King of Thieves ( Yu-Gi-Oh )
  8. Allister ( Yu-Gi-Oh )
  9. Amelda ( Yu-Gi-Oh )
  10. Bakura ( Yu-Gi-Oh )
  11. Bakura Ankhiti ( Yu-Gi-Oh )
  12. bokura ( Yu-Gi-Oh )
  13. Dark Bakura ( Yu-Gi-Oh )
  14. evil bakura ( Yu-Gi-Oh )
  15. Evvvil Bakura ( Yu-Gi-Oh )
  16. Good Bakura Ryou ( Yu-Gi-Oh )
  17. King of Thieves Bakura ( Yu-Gi-Oh )
  18. Ryou Bakura ( Yu-Gi-Oh )
  19. RYOU* ( Yu-Gi-Oh )
  20. Thief King Tozokuoh Bakura ( Yu-Gi-Oh )
  21. Tomb Robber Bakura ( Yu-Gi-Oh )
  22. Tozoko Bakura ( Yu-Gi-Oh )
  23. Yami Bakura ( Yu-Gi-Oh )
  24. Yami Bakura ~anyone who pick ( Yu-Gi-Oh )
  25. Yami no Bakura ( Yu-Gi-Oh )
  26. Yami Ryou Bakura ( Yu-Gi-Oh )
  27. Ryou's_Ouchie ( Yu-Gi-Oh )
  28. Bakura ( yu-gi-oh 2 )
  29. poor bakura ( yu-gi-oh 2 )
  30. hot theif bakura ( Yugioh Battle City )
  31. Bakura ( Yugioh duel monsters )
  32. Touzo Bakura ( Yugioh duel monsters )
  33. Yami Bakura ( Yugioh duel monsters )
  34. The Theif Bakura ( Yugioh king of games )
  35. Yami Bakura ( Yugioh king of games )
  36. Maisu ( Rune Factory )
  37. Dr. Scratchansniff ( Animaniacs )
  38. Kyle & Raguna ( Rune Factory )
  39. Amane Bakura(Ryou's Deceased Sister) ( Yu-gi-oh! )
  40. Not A Man,He's A Chicken Boo! ( Animaniacs )
  41. Love Struck Ronno ( Bambi II )
  42. Plan_B ( <3~*~*~Misa in wonderland~* ~*~<3 )
  43. Carmen Sandiego Loves Pizza Hut ( Black Rose Witch's Random Room, The )
  44. Wakko Warner Has To Pee... ( Black Rose Witch's Random Room, The )
  45. Iris ( Rune Factory Frontier )
  46. Mist In Captivity(Poor Mist...) ( Rune Factory Frontier )
  47. Dawn ( Pokemon )
  48. James ( Pokemon Battle Frontier )
  49. Paris+Prince Michael(Michael Jackson's Kids!) ( Male Singers/Musi cians (Solo Artist) )
  50. Maisu & Wooly ( Rune Factory 3 )
  51. Shia Getting Married,Yays!!! ( Rune Factory 3 )
  52. Wooly Boy(Maisu As A Wooly...Ain't He Cute?!) ( Rune Factory 3 )
  53. Toona ( Rune Factory 3 )
  54. I TOLD THEM NO BEANS,DAMMIT!!! Pfft... ( $.89 double beef& cheese burrito )
  55. Cadbury Bunny & Cadbury Creme Eggs ( Food )
  56. Iris Noire ( Rune Factory Frontier )
  57. Old Dan & Little Ann ( Where The Red Fern Grows )
  58. Coon ( Where The Red Fern Grows )
  59. Baby Littlefoot ( Land Before Time, The )
  60. Ducky Is Not Amused ( Land Before Time, The )
  61. Nall(Flying Cat OR Baby Dragon?) ( Lunar: Silver Star Story )
Manaka_Takane's user photos
Latest Journal Entry
1) You get in a fight with somebody at school only for the other person to suddenly leave and you shout, "There's no running in trainer battles!"

2) You ever thought Yoshi was a girl because Yoshi lays eggs.

3) You thought Lunar: Silver Star Story made a better love story
than Twilight.

4) You still cry when Aeris dies in Final Fantasy 7.

5) You've ever tried to search for the lyrics to the Tetris
music on Google.

6) You wished you could marry your favorite video game character.(Yes, somebody has done this and his name is Sal9000. He married Nene Anegasaki from Love Plus.)

7) You can create discussions using quotes from Star Fox 64.

8) You once believed that eating mushrooms would make you grow like Mario.

9) You wanted to cosplay as your favorite video game character.

10) Your mother buys you a backpack and you get mad because it doesn't have enough room for Pokeballs nor potions.

11) You know that the Magnavox Odyssey is the first video game
console ever made.

12) You've ever questioned if shooting the dog in Duck Hunt was considered Animal Abuse.

13) You've played every NES game ever made.

14) You sang the "you found a treasure item" jingle from Zelda when you've found something you've lost a long time ago.

15) You think the Japanese voice actors have more talent than the English release actors.

16) You remember all the lyrics to the Driving Test stage from Parappa the Rapper.

17) You've played an all-nighter of a Harvest Moon or Rune Factory game.

18) You know that the ending credits song to Um Jammer Lammy is the same song they used at the end of Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged Series Movie.

19) You find that you get a better score when you're already upset.

20) You've tried to talk like Mario.

21) You've ever had a crush on a Kingdom Hearts character.

22) You still remember playing Sega as a child.

23) You knew that the creator of Sonic the Hedgehog also created a Japanese dating sim game called Girl's Garden.

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