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birthdayMay 19
last loginSep 28, 2019 15:27:30
date registeredAug 25, 2017 21:21:55
about HellsVixen
Hi, I use to have an account here a long time ago by the name of Fallen_Ice_Princess but I couldn't get my account back due to no longer having the email attached to it, If you knew me from then please feel free to contact me. Just call me Vix or Vixen. I'm 24, love anime, and creepy/horror movies.

Youtube Maascot Info:

Name: Vix the Vixen
Age: 24
Species: Celestial Fox Spirit
Personality: Tsundere she often gets so embarrassed if and when a person she likes says something to her she ends up punching them or something along those same lines, Kind toward her family and syblings.
Bio: Vix is a celestial fox spirit that has physical form, Although the youngest out of her syblings being only 24 and the oldest being around 200 she has made a way for herself in the world.

Roleplay Character info:

Naruto OC's:

Name: Tsubaki shirayuki
Age: 12 Pre Time Skip- 15 After Time Skip
Gender: female
Clan: Shirayuki Clan
Clan dojutsu or ability: the shirayuki are known for their ability to use snow . They also raise ninja wolves.
Appearance: short white hair stopping just before her shoulders kinking out slightly her bangs cover her left eye, bright red eyes with slitted pupils, she wears a short thight length sea foam green kimono with white blossoms on the bottom hem of the skirt held by a forest green obi, black thigh high ninja boots, a medic pouch, and her standard kuni pouch.
Personality: fearce and loyal she will do anything to help her friends somewhat quiet but opens up once she is around friends.
Dreams: to rebuild her clan
Likes: the ninja wolves she has raised since they were orphaned (she is still raiseing the pups)
Dislikes: anyone who wishes to harm her pack (meaning her wolves or her friends)
Secret Art Bubble Prison Jutsu: a jutsu passed down in the Shirayuki clan used to capture enemy ninja almost effortlessly the user can control the air intake of the bubble to make it where the person trapped cannot breath)
Secret Art Snow Barrier Jutsu: another shirayuki justu that allows the user to create a protective barrier around a person that will not break and cannot be sensed untilled the user releases the jutsu.
Forbidden Shirayuki Art Soul Reconstruction Jutsu: (this jutsu allows the user to reconstruct another's soul inside their body and then transfer it into the original souls body after it is healed of all injury by. Useing a portion of the users own life force)
Weapons: kuni, shirinken, and bladed battle fans.
Team: pending (feel free to post an OC or two to be placed on her team.)
Anything else: the Shirayuki clan much like the Uzumaki clan, have long lives unless killed and high chakra reserves, they also have the ears and tails of a wolf many of the clan when they were alive had multiple tails showing the potential of power they have, Tsubaki has seven tails.

Attack On Titan OC's:

Name: Reina Selene Wolfric
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Straight
Nickname(s): Rei
Alias(es): N/A
Date of Birth: 10/19/823
Status: Active (although in the current timeline she is handicapped and currently in the research and development department of the survey corps)
Astrological/Zodiac Sign: Libra/The Dog
Species: Human
Ethnicity: British/Irish
Blood Type: O-
Affiliations/Organizations: Survey Corps
Occupation: Solider
Professional Rank: Officer
Graduation Rank: came in 9th in the cadet rankings
Graduation Path: decided to join the survey corps

The Character’s Appearance
General Appearance:
Reina has slightly tanned skin, deep green eyes, and crimson hair that stops just before her shoulders. In certain lighting, a trail of small freckles can be seen dusting the bridge of her nose. She has an athletic build with average if not small b-cup breast
Height: 5’9
Weight: 139
Handedness: Right
A small almost invisible trail of freckles across the bridge of her nose and a small birthmark on her inner thigh that just looks like a purple ink splotch.
Always wears a small black choker with a dull silver four pointed star attached to it that her little brother gave to her.

About the Character
Reina may seem like an airhead at first but she is highly tactical when it boils down to it. Often using that to her advantage when confronting a human opponent. She seems like the type of person to just run and hide when shit hits the fan but, she will sacrifice her own wellbeing to help a comrade much to the annoyance of her commanding officer.
Favorites: She loves sketching landscapes and tinkering with any mechanical item she can find (this does include her 3DM gear)
Least Favorites: She hates remembering things about her past preferring to look to the future, she hates sour foods, and she can’t stand people who do idiotic things.
She is highly interested in developing new machines and things to help combat the titans along with drawing and sketching out the landscapes she has seen in charcoal.
Agoraphobia – fear of open places (Developed after her incident) and Autophobia – fear of isolation
Has a habit of pacing when worried, making various animal like sounds when nervous, switching her vocal patterns unknowingly, and cracking her neck when stressed.
Reina has a very laid-back way of speaking although she has a habit of unknowingly switching her way of speech from laid back to a more refined speech pattern.
She is very skilled at mechanic’s, sketching, and she is very flexible allowing her to make hard and sometimes risky maneuvers with the 3DM gear.
Best Qualities:
Reina has amazing flexibility and often uses that to her advantage.
Worst Qualities:
She has a rather short temper when it comes to certain topics of conversation.
Reina has a soft spot for children and is very kind towards them although she seems like she’s a rough person most of the time. She will never harm a child or a comrade and in most cases, will do anything in her power to keep them safe.
Reina’s only motivation is to follow her little brothers dream to be in the survey corps and save humanity since he can no longer dream of doing so. Her goal is to live out her brother’s dream.

The Character’s Abilities:
Titan Shifter? No
Fighting Style:
Mixed martial arts/a Brawling type of fighting style
She normally only uses the blades of the 3DM gear but she isn’t that bad with a bow or gun.
No. of Titans Killed: 21
(On a scale of 1-10; 1 being terrible and 10 being the best)
Knowledge: /9
Conceptualization Power: /8
Motivation: /7
Will to Act: /7
Agility: /10
3D Maneuvering Gear: /7
Swordsmanship: /2
Hand-to-Hand Combat: /9
Long Range Accuracy: /9
Strategy: /10
Teamwork: /6
Offense: /10
Defense: /4
Social Skills: /5

The Character’s Familial/Biographical Information
Birthplace: Underground
Ester Abigale Wolfric (Mother, Deceased)
John Stark Wolfric (Father, Deceased)
Kalum Rodger Wolfric (Younger Brother, Deceased)

Familial Background:
Reina lived with her mother and Father for almost seven years until her mother died during childbirth. Her father became distraught at her loss often leaving her little brother in her care while he went off to drink and gamble. One night her father came home drunk snatching her baby brother out of his frayed and worn crib intent on killing him Reina seeing this froze in fear before leaping into action hitting her father over the head with one of the water pots by the front door and snatching her brother away from him running to the small cupboard like room that she used as her own slamming the door and pressing her own body against the door to try and keep her enraged father out. her father having chased her was banging on the door while her brother cried in her arms tears fell down her own face as she desperately held her back against the door afraid for the first time of her own father. Sometime during the night her father had passed out allowing her to fall asleep as well when she cautiously opened the door in the morning she found her father had hung himself in one of the rafters. She left her family home with her brother and took care of him surviving off scraps of food or nothing at all at times.

Character Background:
Reina had a bad childhood growing up in the underground and having to take care of her brother at a young age. Unable to live much longer in the underground she took her brother into the Ehrmich District living on the streets once again but having much more luck in finding food. There she met a girl around her age by the name of Elizabeth Winters who took pity on her tossing her bread that had gone slightly stale or had been burned in her mother’s bakery. They became fast friends. A few years after leaving the underground though her brother who idolized the survey corps got curious about what was outside the walls hiding in a supply cart for the corps he made his way outside the walls all the while Reina looked for him in desperation. He died that day when the carts were crushed by a titan attack. Reina, distraught swore she’d live out his dream of joining the corps and never take the easy way out like her father, living to honor the memory of her brother.


Team KLER:

Name: Kurai Tenko

Age: 17

Color: Purple

Race: Fox Faunus

Influence/reference: Based off the Japanese ledgend's of the Kitsune/Megitsune

Occupation/Setting: A student at Beacon Academy

Gender: Female

Personality: Kurai is Cunning, Clever and a Prankster who tends to get a little out of hand. She is known to prank anyone she deems "worthy" She can be a little to playful when it comes to serious situations but puts her team's safty first.

Skills and Abilities: Kurai likes to cook and can often be found making treats for her teamates and friends. She is really flexable and tends to set traps for people and grim alike.

Weapon(s) and fighting style:

A pair of japanese fans that use dust to shoot out bullets and various other projectiles.

Aura/Semblance: Gravity manipulation, Kurai's semblance allows her to control the gravitational feild around her allowling her to preform manuvers others cannot and saving her team members if they need it.

Backstory/History: As a Faunus, Kurai was treated diffrently although she never really minded as a child she would go around pranking people who would treat her badly. One day she met a Hunter while she was out walking in town, she saw him stand up for a young Faunus woman who was being taken atvantage of by being denied the normal price on her groceries. Kurai knew then that she wanted to become a Huntress. It was only when she started atending a school for hunters and huntresses that she mellowed out a little and put all her effort into her studies although I'd be lying if I said she never pranked anyone during that time.

Lilly Wise

Eton Apollo

Reseda Spring


-Today a man knocked on my door and asked for a small donation towards the local swimming pool. I gave him a glass of water.
-You're not fat, you're just... easier to see.
Name: Lilly Wise

Age: 18

Color: White

Race: Human

Influence/reference: Athena

Occupation/Setting: A student at Beacon Academy

Gender: Female

Personality: Lilly is extreemly smart, she likes making jokes, she had a hard time talking to most people outside her team and often can be found with her nose in a book or making diagrams of team stratagies in her notebook.

Skills and Abilities: Lilly is an amazing stratigist that uses her skills to their fullest whenever she can. She also like to use the small loom to make little tapastries the size of a small notebook.

Weapon(s) and fighting style:
Lilly uses a spear that also doubles as double sawed off shot guns.

Lilly's semblance is short ranged telepathy as long as her team stays in range she can mentally relay stratagies effectivly.

Backstory/History: Lilly grew up with her gandmother, an old huntress who would tell her tales of her heroic deeds. Lilly inspired by the tales dreamed of becoming a huntress from a young age. she studied diligently not really making friends until she came to Beacon and was teamed up with Reseda in the entrance exams.

Kurai Tenko

Eton Apollo

Reseda Spring


Name: Eton Apollo

Age: 17

Color: Blue

Race: Human

Influence/reference: Apollo

Occupation/Setting: A student at Beacon Academy

Gender: Male

Personality: Eton is grounded, although his calm personality can crack at times when he can no longer hold back his anger. He often does not show his emothions unless he is smiling brightly like the sun.

Skills and Abilities:
Eton loves playing music and is very gifted on the violin.

Weapon(s) and fighting style:
A Violin that doubles as a gun.

He is able to confuse or highten his target's with the sound of his music

Backstory/History: Eton was raised by a mercinary group that traveled remnant to help people deal with grim or natural disaters. He was taught to always have a calm appearance unless he was smiling. He was invited to come to Beacon dispite having not formal training at a hunter school.

Kurai Tenko

Lilly Wise

Reseda Spring


-My grandfather has the heart of a lion and a lifetime ban at the zoo (He say's this so seriously it sort of freaks out his team.

Name: Reseda Spring

Age: 16

Color: Green

Race: Human

Influence/reference: Robin Hood

Occupation/Setting: A student at Beacon Academy

Gender: Female

Personality: Perky, Bright and generally fun loving although she is prone to bouts of depression.

Skills and Abilities:
She's an exelent markswoman.

Weapon(s) and fighting style:
A bow that fires specially made dust arrows and can also double as twin swords.

Reseda's semblance allows her to see for long distances this causes her eyes which are normally yellow in color to change to a deep green.

Backstory/History: Reseda was orphaned as a child resulting in her having to steal to survive on the streets. Seeing the state of the other children on the same streets she was on and the poor beggars constantly being turned away she resolved to steal for there sake as well oftn going hungry just to feed others. She was never formally trained by teachers at a school and can barely read despite this a huntress took the girl under her wing teaching her how to fend for herself eventually Reseda stole a Beacon acceptance letter and conned her way into the school by fordging another one with her name and information (although she can't read very well she can mimic the letters contents) She destroyed the original letter erasing all evedince and joined the school in hopes to earn enough to help her friends out.

Kurai Tenko

Lilly Wise

Eton Apollo


[To Be Continued]
Life asked Death,
Why do people love me but hate you?
Death responded,
Because you are a beautifu Lie and I am a painful Truth.
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