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birthdayMar 28
last loginJun 22, 2019 17:03:39
date registeredSep 08, 2006 14:22:04
about Menasay
I serve neither light nor darkness for both know my secrets and fines. I awake at dawn and sleep at dusk. I am neither good nor evil- I am neither life nor death - and I fear none. I am what you would call a mixture of blood- or as some would say- a mutt. The highest blood that runs in my veins is that of my fathers- silver wolf demon. I am royal by both sides of my family- however, my half-brother is only half Prince- and that is by my mothers side- not 'his' fathers. I was born after my brother due to a premonition by the ancient werewolf elder who met up with my mother soon after she was cast from Sorean Heaven to Ephemeral Earth, escaping with my fathers allies- two broken angels. But that is not my story, that is hers. I was born- after my brother- in DemonHood Forest's Shrine, a beautiful place with a hot spring and a prayer alter. Though most of the inhabitants of DHF are Demons and half-breeds we still have a place for prayer, that and also a tavern for those nay-sayers. Either way- we are quite advanced for being a monarchy of demons in a forest. My home- the large victorian castle, and the village are inside of this huge forest that provides us shade and wild life for decent food and water. Humans who stray here are normally not welcomed- not unless they're merchants or mercenaries looking to settle down in our colony; however, exceptions have been made many-a-time for other reasons and we do get some broken down depressed ones who wish to give either I, my children or my brother their lives to feed on. They become our slaves. Our 'servants' and sometimes even more. Our slaves- for they live in the basement and are given food and water everyday like dogs- they cannot think for themselves and have become blood-bags for our feasts. Neigh- we merely drink their blood, never eat of the flesh - and we never kill them unless they wish for us to drain them. My blood is mixed between itself, 35% silver wolf demon, 25% angel, 19% human, 11% werewolf demon and 10% vampire; Originally my blood was mixed 50% silver wolf demon, 25% angel and 25% werewolf demon- however- over the years I have drank/mixed my blood with my star human slave and mixed blood with a lover who was born with vampire blood running through his veins. I've been around the block- even though I still look quite young from drinking the blood of humans and demons alike- and maybe one or two angels. Ruling over this forest is one thing- but love is a whole nother 'ball-game'.

Full Name: Menasay Starmae Kinder Ringo
Birth Parents: Mena Starmae Ringo / Krenodoes Kinder Ringo
Bloodline: Silver wolf demon, angel, human, werewolf and vampire
Age: Unknown
Looks Around: 18 - 22 yrs of age.
Appearance: Light, blue eyes which can change depending on her mood; long, silver starlight hair. 5"6'/5"7' height. Between 110/125lbs.
Intelligence: 9, quite smart and quick thinking like her mother - she is much wise beyond her years - and that's saying something given she's over a millenia year old; however she is still quite naive when it comes to men and their personal issues. (1 being lowest, 10 being highest)
Endurance: 5, this is a downfall for her. After being pushed so hard and when she doesn't drink enough blood it can sometimes get to the point where she'll become exhausted. Due to her size, feminine physique and 'normally' malnutrition of the constant lack of blood (she doesn't particullarly like needing to take blood from humans) she often tires. Not only does she need a constant supply of blood she also must demonest /atleast/ once a month due to the chance of her becoming human on the new moon.
Agility: 7, the speed of a wolf on four feet yet only on two for her size and given physique.
Magics: 4, although she practices she prefers not to use such a show of colors or frail natural cordination. Using magics applies that you either choose Heaven or Hell- and in doing so her soul must be in it. White magic on Ephemeral Earth means you side with Heaven and you gain the protection and healing abilities of Gods Good Graces, while the opposite (also known as Black magic) gives you the abilties of painful things like Hell Fire and Mind Control of the Devils Evil Graces.
Weapon Wielding: 10, her highest and most valued ability. She practiced since she was quite young- even while she was in High School and Royal College. Practice began with her flying sword 'Devo', a white diamond handled blade with a ruby marker crest placed directly in the center on both sides. A beautiful weapon, one of two stolen from Sorean Heaven before the riot of Krenodoes' death. You see, a war between the fallen angels (demons) and the angels broke out in Sorean Heaven before God created a true Heaven where demons could no longer be- and a Hell where they belonged. Ephemeral Earth - and the true Earth. Ephemeral Earth (E.E.) is the shadow/mirror/adjacent world to Earth, however only specific humans can go to E.E- those with 'Ephemeral' hearts- those who belong to medieval and old world, taverns and brothels. This is MY world.
[More on DHF and her world -> ]
Ŵ.Ĥ.Ā. ™
Loveless Roleplay True Name: Wrathful
Loveless Roleplay Name: Menasay Ringo
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  98. Dr. House ( House )
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