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basic information
birthdayAug 27
last loginApr 08, 2011 18:54:58
date registeredMar 31, 2007 00:04:26
about Dark_Hero_Axel
March 23, 2010 - Day I Left MYFC
March 26, 2011 - I came back and willing to stay!! But I promise you, I'm not going to be on much so this is a early fair warning for us all, no?
~ * ~

Only Friend Left Here...
* She's one of the best friends I have here, and she will be one day my very apprentice of the very Dark Hero! She will make me proud in the name of the Dark Hero!

~ * ~
Most Important of All...!!
The Great DARK HERO, Axel, is TAKEN! <3
Husband: Demon_Hunter_Adell
*Yes my love, you're too wonderful I can't let you out of mind... <3 He's one of those kind of men who doesn't hurt anyone's feelings, and doesn't consider using people's heart. I'm graceful of meeting this man because he's been there for me everytime I need help or not. He always find a way to cheer me up, lifting my spirits up without failing and move away; he stood there and tries and tries, making me laugh and adore him.

~ * ~


Husband: Demon_Hunter_Adell
Sons: The_Vigilante
Daughters: Dead_Angel

~ * ~

Updating Profile...!
• About • • Dark • • Hero • • Axel •
I. Love. My. Man. Adell... <3
x x x x x x
Offline - Went to School - Have any questions feel free to PM me!
married to
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(Lu's Speaking)
I went today to GameStop, Wal-Mart and Target to look around. I couldn't help poking my eyes on the two. I mean I have PSP slim Silver version, but looking at that PSP Go looks interesting; flipping it. 3DS is just like the other DS but is 3D. I remembered I played one for a while and it looks okay now your MII is in there. I don't know why.

Can I get any opinions? If you don't know any of the two then you don't have to talk about it. We can talk about something else! This bored look so quiet! Let me entertain this place! ::Stick in plugs in large barrels of Speakers and rang his guitar one slide::
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