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favorite video game soundtracks

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favorite video game soundtracks
hatredcopter on Jul 01, 2020 01:41:28

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i dont know if this is a board thats been made before but i want to hear you all talk about and list your favorite vgm soundtracks :) here are mine theres so fuking many:

sonic cd (sega cd), sonic adventure 1 and 2 (dreamcast), plok (snes), kirby 64, waterworld (snes), robots (game boy advance), yo! noid 2, quake 1 (composed by trent reznor! very cool), shadow the hedgehog, um jammer lammy (ps1), kang fu (amiga cd32), smurfs (game boy), das geheimnis der happy hippo-insel (game boy), snoopy concert (snes), and a whole fuck ton of other ones.

a few of games on the list arent even very good yet have such good music imo which is so funny to me. i would list town with no name coz it has some bangers but the super loud church organ song makes me not enjoy the soundtrack As A Whole obviously. i favor a lot of retro games but modern games like undertale and splatoon have awesome soundtracks too.

what are you guys' favorite vgm osts? i'd love to know ^_^

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Re: favorite video game soundtracks
SassyMcGee on Jul 01, 2020 18:29:49

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Well here's my favorite video game soundtracks: Undertale, Shovel Knight, Shantae and the Pirate's Curse, most Sonic games like SA 1 and 2, Heroes, CD, and Mania, Secret of Mana, the Donkey Kong Country trilogy on SNES, both Super Mario Galaxy games, and a good chunk of the music from the Super Smash Bros series. They're all just soooo good!

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Re: favorite video game soundtracks
sealegs on Jul 02, 2020 17:21:25

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oh boy lemme get my Anthony Fantano on real quick

i actually listen to a lot of video game osts which is funny bc i i've never played most of these games

i recently stumbled upon Evergrace, which has a really strange and kind of unsettling soundtrack i've been really digging

the LISA games have an amazing OST filled with bangers and a variety of styles, like 666 Chop Kill Deluxe and All Hail the Fishmen

the epic mickey OST rocks, the clock tower song omg

Alice: madness returns soundtrack is great, listened to it a lot as a kid and it still holds up

i loveee the silent hill soundtrack, its so atmospheric and i can listen to it forever- even the creepy sounding parts, its just chill

i really like experimental shit if that isnt obvious yet LOL

OH and the wizard101 soundtrack fucking slapsssssss, probably not the kind of game you had in mind making this post but its just nostalgic and fun, the marleybone theme(s) are probably my favorite

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Re: favorite video game soundtracks
Charlotte on Jul 02, 2020 23:34:20

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I buy Gust games for the soundtracks, all of the Atelier games have amazing soundtracks but I’m partial to the style/sound of the Dusk trilogy. Also their At Tonelico/Exo Pico series is amaaazing, especially the songs sung in Hymmnos which is a language created for the game.
I buy the soundtracks as often as possible but they hard to track down without a lot of work but a lot of the atelier stuff has made its way to ITunes.

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